Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Exciting news - Flare clothing Ambassador

Laura Griffiths  - showing off my rocky mountain altitude and flare clothing jersey

I haven't blogged lately because I've been apprehensively waiting for the response to ambassador applications, racing the woodlands winter series and organising Southern ladies MTB events.

So my main news and most exciting is that I will now be riding for Flare clothing co alongside my other sponsors for 2017. I applied for the ambassadorship alongside some others and this is the one I really wanted. I have always thought Hannah and Bens clothing is gorgeous. I love how colourful and individual the designs are and they fit my style so well focusing on the trail, enduro and downhill market. 

I'm really excited to be racing and riding in their clothing next year and eagerly awaiting my 2017 team jerseys. I truly believe in Flares code of ethics to be sustainable in their manufacturing process, support British made and their beginnings as a women's clothing brand who have spread into the men's market.

In other news I have a new team mate. The lovely Beck Parker from Run. Ride. Write has joined forces with my fab sponsors Red Brick Cycles and and will be racing the British enduro series alongside myself in 2017. As well as racing enduro together I'm so excited to have someone to train with, bounce ideas off each other and create more social media videos and photos. 

In my last blog I talked a little bit about my aims for winter training and entering the Woodlands winter series. I'm very proud to say that in the first round there was a lot of tough competition with an amazing 16 girls entered I managed 4th place. As usual 4th is a bitter sweet finish being just off the podium but with some incredible podium winners I couldn't have been happier. 

Not only was it great to have competed and done so well it was the first time many of our Southern MTB Ladies had competed in a downhill race. It is truly inspiring to see how many women in our local area are ridding to such a high standard and just putting themselves out there and giving it a go. I truly am proud of all of the girls. Not only those who are racing for the first time but those who overcome their worry of group riding and take the leap to come out and join us. 

Keep checking back to see what adventures 2017 brings x

Laura Griffiths racing my rocky mountain altitude to 4th place at Gawton gravity hub

Selfie with new team mate Becky Parker from run . ride. write

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  1. Thanks Laura :-) I couldn't be any more excited to be part of the team for next year. Looking forward to having lots of fun and laughs cheering each other on/chasing each other down! - throughout the season! Becky