Thursday, 13 October 2016

Summary of the Enduro Season

So I set my intention this year to race all of the UK Enduro Series.

I raced Triscombe beginning at round 2 which was an amazing experience. I Loved the stages which were very steep and technical. The racing distance pushed my fitness and my racing mentality was nicely falling into place. My only disappointment was riding on the side of caution a little too much and letting seconds fall away off my times. I was happy to come n second place in my category but knew here was work to be done so trained harder for Round 3.

Rocky Mountain Ambassador Laura Griffiths at the Uk Enduro Series Triscombe

After the controversy of Round 2 of the UK Enduro Series settled down aka a cancelled stage due to a stolen timer and another cancelled stage due to extreme "enduro lines" thing didn't get much better.

Fully trained fit and ready for Round 3 in South Wales I was saddened to hear on the Wednesday of that week the event had been cancelled and rescheduled for another date due to a family emergency of the organiser. Still never to be the rescheduled event never took place either and the entire series was cancelled. Leaving i it's wake a disaster of no refunds for riders, unpaid venues and unpaid staff.

Having planned my whole season around the series I was obviously disappointed and my training took a bit of a turn. Searching for an aim I turned toward the Southern enduro series for something to keep me motivated.
Looking up and focused railing berms at Milland Southern Enduro 

Tidworth was the Venue for Round 2 of the Southern Enduro Series. Having never ridden there or taken part in one of their events I had no idea what to expect. Turning u on practice day it was Hot, humid and dehydrating. The push up was short but intense and the stages down were a mix of jumps, slippery berms and short sharp climbs. The stages were hard to master as its dusty or hard packed chalk which our maxxis minions set up for Devon mud made it even more of a struggle.

After having a word with myself that a bad attitude was only going to make things worse I decided to get focused and embrace it all. By the next day I was looking forward to the race and with the build up of atmosphere with all the racers I was looking forward to the day.

I finished the event in 4th having really wanted a podium but I knew I had pushed it too hard and my racing was messy and reckless after my frustration at being to relaxed in my last race. My focused shifted to achieving a balance in my race craft and attitude at racing.

Laura Griffiths getting ready to pedal the final stretch to the finish line at Milland Southern Enduro

Round 4 of the Southern Enduro series was at Milland in Sussex. This was a ladies special organised by Scott to get more girls racing. The event promotion with a huge success with 26 Women entered.

After riding the first to stage I couldn't have been happier. The Rocky Mountain Altitude felt amazing, the stages were an absolute dream. Muddy, flowy a great mix of technical steep sections with fun jumps. All of the stages were so much fun I didn't have a Favourite and it was great to meet so many new girls.

The competition was tough as there were girls who had won other series and raced in the British Enduro Series but I kept my cool and focused and rode really well and felt I had my race craft fully under control. Only making a couple of mistakes I was so happy to come in 5th out of 13 beating some tough rivals.

Although my year didn't go as planned I have met so many great people, loved representing Rocky Mountain on the race circuit and refined my skills. Next year my target is to race the full British Enduro Series but before that is the Woodland Winter Series. Not being my main discipline I aim to use the downhill series to work on my race perpetration and skill.

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