Saturday, 10 September 2016

Southern Ladies MTB - Cann Woods September 2016

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This weekend I held the first ever Southern Ladies MTB social ride. The idea came about when running Girls at Gawton. Girls who weren't into downhill needed a way to meet more girls who ride. It seems easier for girls to meet each other on uplifts and at downhill venues due to the nature of the discipline. Being stood around longer in one place defiantly makes it easier to chat than On the move all day covering large distances on an enduro or xc ride.

My friend Lo suggested starting the Facebook group spurring on the motivation I needed. Since then myself and Lo have been on the journey together holding our own Social rides and getting the group off the ground.

I decided to start nice and simple close to home so decided on Cann for my first venue. At least that way if no one turned up it would be a short ride home!  To be honest I was anxious that many people wouldn't turn up as the weather was predicted to be torrential rain on the tail of Americas hurricane Gaston. Full credit to the girls everyone turned up which was amazing.

The day followed the format of easier official trails in the morning and harder off piste trails in the afternoon. We had a great mixed bunch of abilities and a lot of girls who had never met. Despite most people having never met there was certainly no lack of conversation and laughs

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Our group of ladies who all braved the weather to turn upon the Southern ladies MTB ride led by Laura Griffiths 
Check out those smiles in the rain

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