Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rocky Mountain Ambassador Ride

Rocky mountain ambassador ride - Man sands beach, Brixham

Laura Griffiths Rocky Mountain ambassador
I was invited to the very first Rocky mountain ambassador ride last weekend. The idea of the ride is to connect fellow rocky riders and take out the demo fleet so anyone can try out the latest rockies.

With the full spectrum available to demo including altitudes and instincts through to the XC race slaying vertex we undoubtedly had a mix of riders and abilities.

Berry head, Brixham Rocky Mountain demo day
The ride started from Brixham in sunny Devon and took us via coastal path, woodland trail, bridal paths and a bit of urban stair riding for good measure. Our guide made sure we took in the best views of the English Riviera. The weather was so beautiful and the calm aqua harbours were so stunning at times our ride felt more south of France than balmy England. For me the climbs were a challenge as my competitive side came out and I didn't want to be last but by the end of the day had dropped back to enjoy some fine conversation. It was great to see everyone helping each other and inspiring confidence and support.

Treated to bacon sandwiches mid way w
Rocky mountain Thunderbolt MSL 799
e had a good chance to mix with our fellow riders for the day. With over 20 riders taking part it was wonderful to meet such a variety of people all stoked on cycling. Which ever discipline, age or experience, cycling truly does have a power to unite all walks of life. Being able to share tips on clothing and equipment conversation was flowing.  One thing I have noticed about these events is a good mix of disciplines brings a genuine respect for each other. Bacon sarnies and a well deserved rest over we headed on for the rest of the ride.

Towards the end of the day we were all starting to spread out and break off into different groups. Enjoying my time at the back of the pack I really had enjoyed all 20 miles of riding. Although I enjoyed the end pub stop equally as much! My altitude despite being the longest travel bike there didn't hinder my ability to climb at all and I sure did appreciate it's smooth ride on some of the more challenging descents. Seeing some of the other rocky models on the ride did give me green eyed envy though! Particularly the 2016 thunderbolt 799 MSL. That truly is a gorgeous paint job and I'm sure the performance matches it's beauty!

To try out any of the Rocky mountain range of demo bike and meet some fine people join us on our next demo ride at Skipton 2nd July.

The demo bikes will also be available to try at all rounds of the UK Enduro series. 

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