Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Red bull fox hunt 2015

 This event is one I've wanted to do since I heard about it so this year I secured a lift way in advance of sign up.
It was well worth the wait!
Driving up took 9 hours so we arrived on the Friday and headed in to Edinburgh to explore.
On Saturday we were all warmly welcomed by the red bull team And our host Rachel Atherton.
Uplifts were provided by Jeep, lush brand new Jeeps too!
The first run of the course was awesome. Starting off at the top riding down steep heathers we then head into flat out fast rough rocky clumpy grass, then over some climb and into the kids for A lines and B lines. The technical lines were so fun with a rock garden and sizable jumps. The dual slalom was brilliant.
In the evening was yoga and beers. With more yoga from lululemon we a were refreshed and ready for a practice run. Having qualified in 43/126 I was happy and enjoyed an empty course one last time.
Up top waiting for the race to start I was in the 5th row back. I was really nervous having never done a mass start race before.
Once the horn blew I stayed in the pack to suss out how it all worked, soon as I had chance I started seeing overtaking opportunity's opening up. I over took more than I expected, especially as I am normally am pants at overtakes. The whole race was a rush and felt amazing! Rachel over took me towards the end of the course and I finished in 38th place! 5 places up from qualifying. The weekend was amazing but the race was the most fun race I've ever done. I met so many nice girls too and was great to catch up with friends too. I would highly recommend the weekend to anyone no matter their ability or experience.

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