Sunday, 19 May 2013

Falmouth Urban Downhill

My First ever First place podium!

And there was no one else on there with me, Never mind! Although being the only girl out of 77 other entrants it was still great fun and I still pushed myself to get the time I wanted. The course was brilliant and although short crammed in a whole lots of stairs and big jumps. Despite being sceptical about how much joy I could get from riding down stairs all day and the possibility of going splat on a hard floor with the competitiveness of a race atmosphere it was a great way to spend a day and well worth the trip down to Cornwall. I must admit I didn't risk it on the big jump with no need to compete against anyone I decided it was the best idea after watching lots of guys throw themselves at the floor.
Falmouth Urban Downhill from Frazer Waller on Vimeo.

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