Sunday, 10 February 2013

my soiree into the world of grassroots sponsorship

A while ago I saw a post on a facebook group looking for girls to apply to ride on a grassroots team. So having only ever done one race and not done that great I thought what the hell I'll send an email anyway!
So I sent an email talking about my move towards racing downhill, my intentions for the year and my blog and how I could help to promote the brand.

I found a great article which helped me construct the email, I realised its not just about riding at grass roots level but what you're going to give them in exchange for what they give you.

So I sent off the email and thought no more about it really but the next day got a reply offering me a place on the team with the chance of a trade price frame, clothing, helmets and body armour.
I was so please that I'd been offered all of this trade price stuff for going to the effort of an email!
Luckily for me my husband works for the bike shed Exeter. This puts me in a very lucky position of him making contacts to now bargain a price on a frame for me from a different brand. which offered me an even better price and the opportunity of a cycle scheme to pay for it. Along with the ability to buy most body armour and clothing so cheap with online deals it certainly made me reconsider the opportunity of sponsorship.

Once I received all of the catalogues of the brands collections for the year and didn't fall in love with any of the stuff enough to consider parting money my fate was sealed that I would turn down sponsorship!

So very politely I sent off my email.
In all honesty I was disappointed to no longer say I was sponsored but am more fortunate than most thanks to my husband.

Everyone talks about how they want to get sponsored and must win every race but I found out its easier that that on a grassroots level. All you need to do is put yourself out there but expect to earn the status.

Also consider if your ready to give up your own identity and assume the image of a company to proudly represent.

Unfortunately for me my love of pink stood in the way!

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