Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another great Gawton day

Last sunday we had another great day at Gawton as usual. We enjoyed the usual mud, slipping and sliding and falling over just pushing up. In practice next season we all rode something new or jumped something higher than we've ever jumped before. For me and my friend Emma we both rode Super tavi. My first ever double black rated track. It was a struggle down in places but nothing that soon we wont be conquering.
Like all of the other tracks we used to not be able to ride. Its always hard to go down the track that has been built up in your mind. It was so exciting to see whats beyond the first jump, it was nothing like how easy the pro's make it look in videos but it was new and exciting. We also rode more of the jumps on old tracks where we would have never dreamed of doing them before. Its amazing to think in the past two years I have developed so much more skill without realising doing something that I love. In downhill I really have found my place to progress and anything I cant do yet I realise now that one day I will succeed in riding it and will have enjoyed the journey so much it won't have felt like a journey at all.
another great memory that I have shared with my best friends at my favourite place

Below is the video of the ladies setting their times on the track for dirt 1:04

Tracy Moseley and the 1:04 Cut Loose a Mountain Biking video by millki

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