Wednesday, 4 July 2012

women of dirt

This is Darcy Turenne's section of women of dirt. I just downloaded the movie and actually really enjoyed it. 

The first section intro is Tammy Donahugh's husband being all cheesy and nagging her to play foosball, And I thought oh no! I just spent money on a cheesy acted out 90's style movie but straight away it gets so much better. 

Its stories of older girls, younger girls, dirt jumpers, 4x, downhillers, cross country riders and everything in-between. It nice how well rounded it is, representing the American female riding scene as a whole community. The section on the smith family is pretty sweet and just makes you say 'aw'. 

As the film is a few years old I had seen some of the sections before but to see it all put together in this story makes it well worth watching the film as a whole. 

Most films are either about racing or personal story's but this film combines the two which is pretty cool.

Its lovely to see that the girls help each other out but it also shows the men behind the women that support them and help teach and encourage.

Watch this video and you WILL want to go out and ride!!!!!!

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