Saturday, 2 June 2012

My bike set up

 Recently I have been accumulating parts to modify my bike for more AM and enduro use, especially since myself and my friend Emma have decided cross country racing is not for us!

Our weekend warrior rides encounter blue trails, red trails, black and best of all off piste steep rooty trails.  

I haven't replaced anything on my 120 travel mondraker factor since I bough it so it still has all the standard factory parts. Until now...

I have taken off the big ring and replaced it with a race face bash guard.
This was to give me more clearance as I kept catching my big ring on roll off edges, and didn't use my full range of gears.

The sram x9 rear mech has been replaced with an XO, not so much for my riding style, more because I bent my old mech! I also now know that just because the mech "hangs" it doesnt 
make it the mech hanger!

I have replaced my origional 90mm raceface stem with a shorter 65mm bontrager. This was to help move my weight back and sometimes my bike was just pulling a little further than my arms could reach!

I had an old pair of manitou minutes which were on my old hard tail with 140mm travel to replace my fox forks. The manitous are designed for more aggressive XC, AM riding.

To protect the chain stay it has been wrapped in handle bar tape and electrical taped in place.

My suspension set-up has also been slackened again. For XC racing more air was put in to make it firmer and faster but its been returned to 30% sag to help ride jumps, roots, drops and dig the bike into berms more.


  1. Hi,

    I also have a Mondraker factor and love it, I've been running it with 120 fox up the front and have been tempted to try it with a set of 140 maguras for some up and coming enduros.
    How are you getting on with the 140s?
    I guess im mostly concerned about damaging the frame with 140s....

    1. Hi Im getting on great with the 140's. I had the same concern with this frame and my old rock hopper. I haven't had any problems with either bikes, My mondraker defiantly feels better since I changed over but that probably has a lot to do with the manitous being a lot more tunable than the Fox's. Its nice to know I have that little extra travel after sag has been set, and I run my sag at 25 - 30%. Hope that helps, my husband has been a bike mechanic and wouldn't have let me do it if he thought it would damage my frame at all x