Wednesday, 14 March 2012

girls go jumping!

We had an awesome weekend of riding with most lush weather for march, I think spring is the new summer! We began at forest of Dean to work some serious downhill action. My friend Laura (in the top picture) rode her new bike for the first time. Big news as this is lauras first ever proper mountain bike. So far she has been riding her boyfreinds Haro which is a jump bike, like proper jump bike, sketchy ass tyres, heavy forks and single speed, to be fair she rinsed the trail centres with bad ass enthusiasm. as Laura herself would put it "ignorance is bliss!"


Her new bike is a trek 4500 in gorgeous green and black.

Forest of dean was amazing Laura rode all trails on her hardtail whilst me and Sara rode our full susses. Sara was putting her new rockshox revelations through some serious testing and feeling the love of devastatingly gorgeous air forks as opposed to her old rockshox Toras, even with the wsd spring we still weren't heavy enough to make them work for us ladies.

It was so warm the trails were perfect n fast rolling. All the downhill trails offered big roots, steps and drops. In particular we were loving the jumps and berms ending the sheep skull run, or as I kept calling it "sheep skin", it just doesn't sound as hardcore! Sheep skull had a completely different end to our visit last year and the berms are amazing, they are the highest fastest berms I've ridden away from the Alps, in fact there was a lot of room for high speed which reminded me of Alp d'huez. That is compared to Tighter technical English trails which we are used to ridding.

Laura did so well to ride all of the trails and we were most impressed with her riding the ski run with its rocks and roots, she rode everything with a huge smile at the end.

I rode in my new helmet, an awesome looking bright white 661 comp, with my pink oakley goggles, kids size of course. And believe it or not my new helmet attacked me! I thought safety equipment was supposed to protect you! It seemed the combination of white and pink attracted not only me but the wasps too and got stung on my face by a wasp inside my helmet! Bad times, but funny and ironic.

The drive home left us with the feeling of blissfulness after a hard days riding and contented souls having spent the day in the sun doing what we love most.

Sunday was a few runs of Stockwoods jump/ bmx track in Bristol. Everyones jumping was getting better and better and looks like rookie Laura actually jumped higher than the rest of us! Following that was a lap around Leighwoods and Ashton court. Back to devil pedals for me but Emma has decided to take a break from them after the Woodbury race. Ashton was fun as usual with its countless rock steps and swooping flowing sections and we all even survived the slow climb towards the beginning.

An amazing weekend of riding with the first two BBQ's of the summer achieved.

As Laura and Sara would put it WIN!

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